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Server Donations:

Stormcraft relies on you the community to fund the server. By purchacing a donation package you help pay the costs associated with running the server. Mainly the cost of renting a dedicated server in a datacenter. Any contribution you can make is greatly apreciated by the community and allows us to keep running the server. All donation packages are lifetime. If you already have purchaced a package, the donation amounts do stack, you can upgrade. Click me for information on package upgrades.
Donation tag ingame [Donor]

Second sethome (/sethome donor)

Reserved slot on the server

Second class

Colored signs

1000 bolts (ingame currency)

All previous perks

Iron tools kit (/kit itools) [weekly]

Backpack (/bp) 1 row of items

Flare (/flare)

Teleport Ask (/tpa [user])

Particle effect sparkle (/trail void)

/nh summon (name) to summon a claimed horse

2000 bolts (ingame currency)

All previous perks

Custom second class (more info here)

Backpack (/bp) 2 rows of items

Hats (/hat)

Keep XP on death

Particle effect sparkle (/trail ender)

4000 bolts (ingame currency)

All previous perks

Diamond tools kit (/kit dtools) [weekly]

Backpack (/bp) 3 rows of items

33% better "luck" on each a skill ability

Teleport ask here (/tpahere [user])

Particle effect sparkle (/trail portal)

Particle effect sparkle (/trail magic)

6000 bolts (ingame currency)

All previous perks

Player time (/ptime) changes time of day for you

Backpack (/bp) 6 rows of items

Player weather (/pweather) toggles rain for you

Particle effect sparkle (/trail fire)

Particle effect sparkle (/trail heart)

Particle effect sparkle (/trail runes)

12000 bolts (ingame currency)

4 Easy Steps!

1) Purchace your package with the blue button
2) After donating follow the instructions given
3) Give 1-3 days for your donation to be processed

Custom Classes

The Emerald, Diamond and Herobrine donation packages gain a "custom class". This custom class replaces the second class of previous tiers. When following step 2 for donating, users owed a second class will be asked to select which skills they want.
Custom classes can select two of the following (Swords, Archery, Unarmed, Axes, Mining) and three of the following (excavation, fishing, taming, acrobatics, repair, woodcutting, herbalism) for a total of 5 skills in their custom class.
The custom class does not replace their existing primary class from the server.

If you have already purchaced a donation package and wish to upgrade you only need to pay the difference between the package you have and the package you want. For example if you have purchaced the iron package and wish to obtain the gold package: click the upgrade package button and enter the difference in the amount. For this example you would need to enter 25$ to pay the difference between the packages. After donating you will be asked to state which package you had before and which you had after. Upgrades will be confirmed by checking the paypal history to avoid false upgrades.

Please note that the listed donation perks are subject to change at any time. Donation to the server does not affect a users punishment status, in other words if you are banned donating to the server will not affect this status. No refunds are avalible.


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