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Server Hardware Upgrade Like it » 
  Created: March 17, 2014   |  Author: baffu   |   21

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The server has now been transfered.

Hello everybody, I am happy to announce that Stormcraft is once again improving its hardware to better serve you. This upgrade is by far, our biggest yet. We will be moving from a medium sized virtual server to a full dedicated server with two processors, 32GB of Ram, a solid state drive for maximum speed and a hard drive for frequent backups. The new dedicated server really expands the potentital of Stormcraft. We are no longer limited to just running our main server. We now have the capacity to run multiple servers at once which means possible expansions such as a creative server or an adventure server are now possible. The new server also allows us the flexibility to run a seperate event server for times like Christmas, this means a lot more is possible.

In order to make the transission to our new server, we will need some time make the transfer. We currently plan on shutting down the server for 1-2 hours on Monday March 17th starting at around 4PM EST. Please stay tuned to this post as we will be updating it with new details on the transfer. We may be running a temporary survival server while we make the swap so check this page often.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the donors who made this update possible. We really apreciate all the support you have all given us over the past few months. This upgrade was made possible by all of your ongoing support. Thank you very much!


The Magic Update Like it » 
  Created: January 6, 2014   |  Author: baffu   |   20

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It is my pleasure to announce to you what we are calling the magic update. As its name entails, the magic update was mainly focused on the creation of our brand new magic system. This update has seen the removal of the old wizardry system which had become too PvP focused and had some breaking bugs develop. The new magic system will avoid many of the issues we had with the old system and allow us much more room to grow with a layer of customizability that just was not possible before. I will get back to some of the specific of magic shortly.

In addition to the new magic spells system there have been a few smaller updates. First and likely the most noticeable is our new spawn area! We have also enabled TNT on the resources world, this means miners can now use their blast mining skill at last. In an effort to be more fair, we reduced the price of protection stones greatly (they are available on the market world).

Another noteworthy addition is the return of a horse protection plugin. Users can now use /nh claim (horse name) to claim a horse for their own. They can then use /nh list to see all their claimed horses. Additionally players can use /nh unclaim (horse name) to unclaim a horse they no longer want, this is useful as players can only claim 8 horses in total. If you want to share a horse with your friends you can use /nh trust (user) (horse name). Untrust will allow you to remove a players rights to your horse.

Now back to magic! All things magic are centered around the alchemy store. To access the alchemy store head to the spawn island and walk towards the resources world bridge, on the left you should see the purple portal to the alchemy store. It is behind you when you use /spawn.

Currently there are 12 spells to learn. To learn a new spell you must visit the store and right click the [SPELL SHOP] signs. There is information on each of the spells bellow their buy signs. For example the geyser spell can target hostile mobs and will deal 4 damage then fling the enemy in the air on a magical geyser of water. Two hits from this spell and most mobs will have died. The geyser spell in particular uses 25 mana and has a 2 second cooldown. Of course this is just one example the details on the other 11 spells can be found in the alchemy store.

Magic spells cost either XP_Bottles or Levels. An XP bottle can be obtained by botteling the XP in your XP bar. Simply click on any enchanting table with a stick to convert your XP. Please note that it costs a glass bottle per XP bottle created. Each XP bottle holds 5 orbs and will provide 5 orbs when smashed. The average spell will cost at least 200 XP bottles, this is roughly equivalent 30 levels in your XP bar. Alternatively some spells have a cost in levels and do not require conversion to bottles, these are the more expensive of the spells some of which cost 50 levels.

Once you obtain some spells you will likely want to bind them to an item. Use the bind spell /cast bind (spell) to bind your spells to a casting item, like a stick! You can bind multiple spells and cycle through them by right clicking and cast them by left clicking. By default all spells are bound to the book.

Mana, the cost of most spells regenerates at a rate of 5 every 5 seconds. All users but the paladin have 100 mana in total. The paladin can have up to 150 mana! TO regain mana simply wait or use a mana potion. A plain waterbottle will regain 50 mana and a lapis lazuli will regain 5 but can be stacked for transport.

Overall the new magic system features much better and more useful spells on a PvE server. In addition the new system will allow for a lot more in the way of expansion, we are able to modify spells to create new ones and combine them too! With around 90 base spells available there will be many expansion updates to come. Expect a new pack of 3-4 spells every few months! (Pssst, we are working on a heat seeking missile!).

With the magic update done work has now begun on "The Minigames Update", we plan on implementing use for the rewards in the minigames world and a whole bunch of new maps. Stay tuned for more information!


Happy New Years! 2014! Like it » 
  Created: January 1, 2014   |  Author: baffu   |   10

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Happy New Year! 2014 has arrived with the expected barrage of fireworks across the world and on Stormcraft! The new year marks the end of a very productive 2013 for Stormcraft, we saw the introduction of Stormcraft 3.0 at the end of the summer and a large growth in our community over the course of the year.

This day also marks the end of our Holiday events! Double XP has just been turned off too! I would like to thanks everyone who participated in the holiday events ranging from pixel art to PvP, the outstanding support and participation of the community made the events the best we have ever run. Special thanks to Surfcash and KrissyGH who along side me spent countless hours both preparing, constructing and running the events this year.

2013 has been a great year for Stormcraft seeing both the launch of Stormcraft 3.0 and a large growth in our community. 2014 promises to be just as wonderful a year with plans for Stormcraft 3.1 being compiled on the forums, work on the server wiki and new mini games being worked on now to be released a few weeks into 2014. If you are interested in participating in the decision making process or suggesting new features hop over to the forums and join the discussion.

On behalf of myself, the staff and the community happy new year and have a wonderful 2014 with may fun filled days to come.


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